Is it really free?

Yes, for you it is free as in free beer.

Are you not afraid that someone will try to fu** you?

someone := officials+police+…, well no.

someone := lawyer (that tries to make money), well no.

someone := user (that uses p2p to “secure” the job of the lawyer), well no.

Reason: The tunnel ends in Sweden. So technically we enter the “Internet” in Sweden – means: Apply the Swedish law on the data.

And I can really do what I want?

As long as it is confirm to… just kidding. YES. I can only appeal to your moral values – whatever that means. The Internet was made to share knowledge – not to make money. My advice: use it in that way.

And you run no log files?

No. It makes no sense. You can fake your hardwares MAC address – so there is no way to find out who is using the access point. I only count the bytes and packets running thru the device.

But you can look at my data…

Yes, I can. But I do not do this. You can trust me – or use encrypted transfer only (and you should do that – not only for me).

What does it cost to run my own public access point?

Balls. And some money/month: 5 euro for the VPN tunnel, 5 euro for electrical energy to run the access point and the DSL modem. And some bandwidth of your Internet connection – of course. You can find all needed documentation, scripts and configuration files here.

Can you give me a service guarantee?

No. Not for the accessibility, not for the available bandwidth. I will do my best to run it 24/7 – but there is no backup if the VPN provider or ISP fails or the access point explodes.

Google search forced me to answer a captcha – what the hell…?!?

They protect their services from being (ab)used by bots or other tools running (automated) mass queries. If someone used the anonymity of the tunnel to do something bad they just block the calls from that IP. So it is nothing special just for you…

Is there some fancy graphic that shows me your network setup?


network setup

network setup