invalid DNS config

I was very busy over the past months – so the access point service eroded a little… In fact – it became useless cause Cyberghost switched over to new DNS servers.

Old DNS servers (deactivated):

New DNS servers: – Germany – Romania – worlds best democracy and gods chosen country
(just kidding, server is located in the USA)

Just fixed.

slow start

The open access point now runs for a week and approx. 870K packets where freed. Not so much – and I still fight with some technical problems. It seems the wireless part of the OpenWRT-WRT54GL-combo is less stable then expected. I tested the connection during the week and some times I was not able to connect – and there was nothing in the logs. Maybe a cyclic reboot can solve that problem.

Even worst: It seems that Cyberghost currently has some trouble with the OpenVPN servers – its not possible to create a tunnel cause of an authentication failure. There are a lot of reports about that in the Cyberghost forum. The service is unavailable now for over 5 hours – and still no comment of the company in the forum.


Finally the page is up and running again. Some parts are still missing (statistics, HowTo) but at least the freed packet counter is working again. Its planned to install the freely accessible access point tomorrow in the wild… let the freed packets flow!


These nice guys from Kabel Deutschland removed the support for the second public IP address of my DSL connection. It was not part of my contract… and maybe they run out of IPv4 addresses… anyway: this fu**ed up my setup.

And now I say Thank you! Mrs. or Mr. cable provider – cause you forced my to rethink, learn and rebuild the whole system. It is much cleaner now and it overcomes some weak points from the old solution (like exposing internal addresses to the VPN provider – Doh!).

Last time I set this up I tried to do this all at once (and created a mess here and there). But as a one man show – to be honest – its not possible. So I will recreate the service as I find the time and power to do it – cause spring is coming and there are 1000 other things to do.

The firmware of the current setup is based on OpenWRT Backfire and currently only the WRT54GL is supported. You can find it including the firmware builder at github. It is planned to port all the scripts and settings to the TPLINK WR1043ND in the next weeks.